24 June 2016

Join 3Tags and Get Paid to Post Content

If you are a free-thinking and freedom loving person, then 3tags is for you. 3Tags is YOUR independent network beyond the mainstream media. Only by collecting and sharing information will the world become a better place. 3tags is here to empower everybody to contribute, maintain or share information… to create the hub of decentralized knowledge.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

3tags is all about the unification of like-minded people, a central place online where we can all strive for positive change through the spread of knowledge. A place where we can exchange ideas and work towards a better future for all. The people at 3Tags want to help build a future where human rights are no longer just paper proclamations.

Our attitude is freedom…

We want to empower everyone to contribute, collect and share important information.

If you are a truth seeker, then chances are that you already realize that our species is heading towards its own self-destruction. Join us. Contribute. Your voice will be heard. The truth gets louder when shared!

Here are some of the things the we stand for:

ü  An end to debt enslavement through private banks and compound interest
ü  A smooth transition away from failing Fiat Currencies to REAL currency, eventually leading to a system that is purely resourced based and made available to all
ü  Free and clean energy for all people everywhere
ü  The pursuit of happiness as a human right
ü  Talents should be promoted so that all humans can contribute in the best way possible
ü  The promotion of a healthy lifestyle for all
ü  Humans need to come back to natural unaltered food and agriculture
ü  Animals need to be treated in a way that condemns all cruelty and harm
ü  The conservation and protection of the environment is essential to our survival and of utmost urgency
ü  All kinds of wars and murder must forever be outlawed by the society
ü  History is never forbidden. We again need to rediscover what’s been forgotten in order to fully understand who we were, what we have become and what we want to be
ü  For the first time media needs to be independent, free and accessible to all.
ü  A world of infinite consumption no more
ü  It all comes down to a fundamental change in the way we perceive the world, from top to bottom, starting with the abolishment of debt enslavement once and for all.

We support and encourage changes to government policy based on a holistic view of humanity, where we strive for the good of all while promoting an economic order which is committed to the common good… factoring in the reality that we live on a finite planet with limited resources!

##Ready to join?

3Tags pays YOU to post. You make money by contributing to the growth of this site. Your posts get exposure and therefore generate advertising revenue. Unlike MOST social media platforms, 3tags shares the lion’s share of advertising revenue with the users. In other words, you get a share of the advertising revenue generated from your content. Your posts will generate an income for you. When you earn US$25 in advertising revenue then you can get paid from 3tags through PayPal. You will also be rewarded when you bring new users to 3Tags. In other words, you can also make money by bringing new users to 3tags. Meanwhile, you are helping THEM make money… from doing what they are ALREADY doing on other social media platforms… sharing and posting content. We ALL deserve to be paid for the content we bring to social media networks. Unfortunately, most social media platforms don’t agree. For far too long the big networks have made money from your content. It’s unfair. You deserve to get paid for the content you post. It’s just fair.

Join 3Tags — The NEW social media platform that pays YOU to post!

The content you post on social media sites is worth money. A site makes money from the advertisements they display. Without content there wouldn’t be any advertisements. For this reason, everything we post on a social media sites is worth money to advertisers. Most social media sites keep 100% of the money generated from the ads on their site, despite us being the people who bring the content. 3Tags takes a different approach. 3Tags believes that people should be rewarded for the contribution they bring to a site. For this reason, 3Tags gives 90% of the advertising revenue to the users on the site. Everybody on the site is rewarded for their contribution. What that means is that YOU get paid simply for posting content. Compare that to a site like Facebook which has made BILLIONS of dollars in advertising revenue, all on the back of content that we have given them for free. Facebook keeps 100% of the profits. People deserve to be paid for the content they bring. To get paid with 3Tags simply join the site and start posting. It’s that simple. After you join you will also be given a unique link which you can use to spread the word. Use that link when you mention 3Tags to others. If they join then YOU will get money every time THEY make money. In other words, you are rewarded for helping your friends get paid, simply for posting content. It’s a win-win!

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