01 August 2016

How to Convert your Blog into eBook with 2 clicks?

Bloxp is the tool that will allow you to export any blog and turn it into a downloadable ebook. Unlike other similar services, where only the last posts are included in the results, Bloxp will crawl the given blog searching every post written since it was created.

Main Features:

* Easy to use
Grab up to 250 posts automatically, Bloxp only needs a feed URL and it works with most blog publishing platforms.

* Clean results
Once a blog is grabbed, Bloxp cleans its contents to create a well-formatted ebook, ready to be read!

* Standardized
Download your new ebook as an ePub or Mobi file, it will be readable in most ebook readers.

The service is free for all.

At this moment Bloxp cannot create PDFs. However, you can open the epub or mobi file with Calibre and print it from there.

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