12 November 2016

Kuku.io – Multiplatform Social Media Content Management Tool

As you have already noticed, the social media channels are very efficient for business promotions and announcements. According to statistics mentioned by Business 2 Community, 90% of young people are active on social media and a large portion of them turn towards social media while seeking business solutions.

Kuku.IO is one such tool that provides features to manage these tasks efficiently and with minimum inputs. Having integrations with many social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, vkontakte and many more, it has become a popular choice for a social media management tool.

Just add all your social networks in one tool and group your profiles into channels. In some tools, you can event adapt content to each social network.

Manage multiple social media profiles, groups and pages easily grouping them into channels. Choose the needed channel right before posting. Use this tool to change a time zone and set a social media posting schedule. With the automated scheduling, the closest available time for posting will be offered to you automatically.

Find out how to get followers and even how to get more likes!

Get a 360° view of your social media marketing campaigns. Enjoy social media analytics tools: easily track followers’ growth rate, engagement metrics, clicks, and more. See dependencies between metrics on charts in a social media activity report. Know how to create awesome content to get more followers!

Kuku.IO provides two plans for users:

ü  Basic: This is a gratis plan which allows user to post on multiple social media platforms, 5 spots for social media accounts and allows a frequency of 300 posts per month.
ü  Essential: This plan allows a 15-day trial period after which it asks the user to pay $9.99 and offers features such as smart social media analytics, unlimited number of connected accounts and an unlimited number of posts.

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