29 January 2008

14 Blog Desktop Editors - Freeware Reviews

Until recently, I was using Web-Based Editor to make post on my Blogs. But, as my activities became more frequent, and overall amount of the Projects increased, I started to look for the suitable desktop solution. It is easier to compile and format the post in convenience on your Hard Drive, and as it ready, just publish it. Appeared, that there is a descent choice of the free products, available on the market, to complete the task. I am still looking for the one that I will permanently use, but almost every product I tried, is more convenient that the Web-Based editing solution.

For your convenience, I have compiled a list of the 14 Blog Desktop Editors on RateItAll. As usual, only the free programs were considered. Also, I did not include the scripts, that require installation on the server.

Please, access the link:

Lifehacker conducted a poll among bloggers to define the desktop blogging software used, and found out that almost 61% of the respondents still use online editor.

What about you?

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