27 January 2008

Establishing personal branding and marketing through BLOGHOLOGY

What is Bloghology?
We can define an anthology asa collection of poems, stories, songs, articles, or other literary passages chosen by a compiler. Similar to an anthology, a new bloghology project is covering bloggers profiles, photos, and links to their best posts. It is a PDF e-book which can be easily circulated throughout the blogosphere for personal branding and marketing of selected good quality bloggers.

What is the logic behind Bloghology?
Not all bloggers are good at personal branding and marketing. Especially the small bloggers are subject of a lot of challenges at the first stages of their blogs operation. Many of them stop blogging, because it seems to them at the time almost impossible to overcome the multiple obstacleson the road to success.

Bloghology is a joint campaign by two well-known sites: Peopleized.com and Search For Bloggingand will help bloggers on marketing and personal branding completely for free.

More information about the project you can get from the featured article:

And the first edition on the Bloghology eBook can be downloaded here:

Download Free Bloghology Ebook

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