12 March 2008

Free Online Multi-Site Blog Pinging Services

In one of my previous articles, related to the methods for traffic rates improvement to your Blog, I have presented the Blog pinging (http://blogging4good.blogspot.com/2008/01/submission-to-search-engines-and.html) as an important approach for the Blog owner to announce the site recent updates to the Search Engines. Instead of pinging each and every Search Engine, that keeps track of weblogs and publishes them, you can use one of the available free online services - automatic multi-engines pinging, giving opportunity to the users updating several Search Engines at once. All you need to do is filling the Blog particulars in the online form for submission. In most cases, the registration is not required, but human presence validation might be needed for submission. The ping signal, usually performed through XML messaging, consisting of the title and URL of your Blog, as well as the date and time of the update, will be instantly sent, notifying on the announced changes. I have revised today the listing on the RateItAll, and currently the Blog Pinging Free Online Services Rating List includes 20 competitive sites.

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Note, that if you use the desktop submission software to post entries to your blog, you might find built-in pinging capabilities in your blogging program. Usually this feature is disabled by defaults, but can be activated by the user.

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