29 April 2008

BlogDesk - free software for Blog writing and publishing

Sometimes, blog post preparation for publishing takes more time than post generation. It is not suppose to be like that. You should delegate as much responsibilities for the post publishing to your secretary (if you have one), or software.

BlogDesk is an offline software client that assists you in comfortable writing and easy publishing new posts to your blog.

Software Features:
* The main feature - it is totally free to use.

* Software is optimized for the following blogging platforms: WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity, and ExpressionEngine.

* Insert images directly with WYSIWYG editor, edit them with built-in ImageWizard, and even create linked thumbnails.

* Easily insert and edit links. If you link to local files (such as MP3 or PDF), BlogDesk will automatically upload them to your blog file storage.

* For multi-language blogging, you got 14 Dictionaries to conduct spell checking.

* Interesting feature of Frequently Used Phrases saves time on typing of often used phrases, sentences, acronyms or complex formulations.

* Define and insert tags instead of retyping them with Tags-Generator.

* Publish you post simultaneously to multiple blogs with one click.

* Keep your ideas and notes for the future posts in the convenience of Notebook, where you are able to create multiple entries under multiple categories.

Download the software from authors’s Web Site: http://www.blogdesk.org/en/index.htm
P.S. The only thing, I do not like in this software - is that it does not support Blogger.


  1. Thanks for your submission to the second edition of the Blog Carnival: Blogging. Your post has been accepted and its live: http://thatsblog.com/?p=45


  2. I agree with you. One thing I don't like is Blogdesk doesn't support Blogspot.
    They said it will on the future (http://forum.blogdesk.org/viewtopic.php?t=141).



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