04 May 2008

Triggit: Add Content and Monetize your Blog with Ease

Triggit offers an interesting approach to enhance the ways of your site monetization. It is a web based application that matches your site content to multiple ad opportunities, through a meta-ad network, having access to millions of ads from numerous networks and allowing to receive one aggregate earnings check.

The biggest advantage of Triggit is a nice ability to drag and drop fitting ads directly into your site from your web browser. No hassle embedding HTML, PHP or CSS code on you site. This drag and drop feature works through JavaScript. If your publishing platform accepts JavaScript, you are in the game. So far the accepted platforms are Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress. The application works as a simple widget, but you can also manually insert the code snipper if you like the certain ad to
appear on your site.

Triggit is also lets a blogger adding YouTube videos and Flickr images to the page easily and in no time without editing HTML or even launching your blog post editor

The bigger issue with this service is related to the browser limitation. Currently, Triggit only works with Flock and FireFox. This leaves all other browser of the page or blog owners out of the picture.

A little video from DownloadSquade shows how the service works.

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