18 June 2008

14 Ways to Promote your Blog Offline

Are you sure you are doing everything possible to promote your blog wherever you can? When I explored recent Darren Rowse offline blog promotion techniques, I realized that I do almost nothing for the offline promotion for my blog. I will list briefly the provided opportunities to let people know about your blog existence in the blogosphere:

1. Conferences and Conventions - if there is a conference that relates to the topic of your interests you can come, try to attend. Be proactive, make friends, and distribute promotional materials if available.

2. Business Cards - make the cards with interesting, attractive appearance and all contact information you want to share with potential readers.

3. Bookmarks - bookmarks use is similar to the business cards. The advantage of the bookmarks that they can be used for the practical bookmarking purposes as well, and are not easily lost.

4. Blogger Meetups - look for a local social network of bloggers in your area, and attend their events. With constant expansion of the virtual communication, face-to-face contacts between the blogging fans become even more valuable.

5. Stickers - make nice stickers as part of your blog promotion materials portfolio. Use them at all places where they can attract public attention (your office, car, bag, etc.) and distribute them between people, where they can substitute business cards.

6. Gifts - Everybody likes freebies. Prepare some inexpensive gifts with your logo, blog URL, and brief encouragement to visit you blog.

7. Media - If you have or can get contacts with any kind of public media, and you can get the journalists interesting in you and what you are doing - it is great! You can get a huge boost to your blog exposure.

8. Internet Cafes - Using Internet Café approaches can be different: make a deal with café owners on making your blog a starting page on their PCs, or place pack of your business cards near every computer, or distribute posted notes or pens (everybody needs them) with your printed data.

9. T-shirts - Wear T-shirts promoting your blog can largely reinforce your brand and credentials. Giving it away means spreading your advertising even more drastically.

10. Workshops and Teaching Opportunities - Attend and actively participate in any educational activities where you can spread a word about your wonderful blog.

11. Advertise - Online advertising is used by many established blogger. But why not going further, advertising your blog in the local newspapers, magazines, or newsletters.

12. Notice boards - Put you flyers or business cards in the permitted for advertising spots at public places.

13. Talk About It - If you conversation might be benefited from reference to your blog, do not hesitate and mention that, supporting your point of view or giving an interesting information on the topic of discussion.

14. Library - Visit local libraries, locate books on the topic of your interest, and place your business card inside. Let the interesting reader find it later.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Blog promotion should be second nature to all bloggers in both online and offline environments, because let's face it: word of mouth is still one of the most practical forms of marketing and advertisement because it combines information and influence at the same time =)



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