31 August 2008

Relevance Spirit Freeware to improve Website Competiveness

"PageRank competition" is a sport usually practiced by webmasters. On the other hand, the management of the pages relevance is not considered as important factor. However, the fact is that some websites, presenting a pretty low pagerank, appear in good competitive conditions based on the search engines results. This is caused by their proper relevance on certain keywords.

In this publication we present RelevanceSpirit, a specialized tool to manage website relevance.

Whatever your current pagerank is, or your future pagerank will be, your classification between the results of the search engines depends significantly on the terms used in your pages, of the number of times that these terms are repeated, and in the way in which they figure in your meta tags.

Relevance approach is strengthening a competitive position of the website and might offer even better results on the long term website exposure, in comparison with the pagerank.

This utility was developed to manage and optimize all the parameters which influence your pages relevance. Software is open source, absolutely free and does not require installation.

Developers Website: http://www.rankspirit.com/downloadrseng.php

Direct downloading link: http://www.ziddu.com/download/2060669/relevance_spirit.zip.html

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