14 August 2008

Spice your Blog with relevant content with Zemanta Plug-in

In the strong competition among bloggers for the reader’s attention, you can spice your blog and make it more fun to read, adding the most relevant and fresh information with free plug-in, offered by Zemanta (http://www.zemanta.com/). Currently available only in Firefox and Internet Explorer, Zemanta’s adds-on provides bloggers with appropriate links to their articles by suggesting related content through words and images on the side.

One of the great things about Zemanta is that it actually scans the web for Creative Commons content, so bloggers will be able to post useful images without the fear of being sued by an angry author.

As stated by the developers, Zemanta can add
  • Fun: it is fun to see your words paired with great links and pictures.
  • Content: Pictures, Links, Articles and Tags
  • Convenience: no more trolling the web for content for your posts.
  • Traffic: links to recent blog posts frequently result in return traffic.
The software is currently available for Blogger, Typepad, WordPress.com, and self-hosted WordPress blogs (2.0 and up).

Download free plug-in directly: for Internet Explorer browser.
Plug-ins for Firefox and other platforms can be downloaded from the developers Website.

1 comment:

  1. Nice application but limited by the words it detects in the post. Pic feature is really useless.



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