04 October 2008

Automatic link swapper and traffic generator

Everybody needs more traffic to the blog. It increases income and improves site rating in the search engines. Experts claim that a very good blog with proper structure and nice format and content has a chance to get maximum Google PageRank as PR3. To increase it more, you need multiple links from other sites to your blog to be in place. But how can you persuade other bloggers in your niche link to you? That might be a challenging and long range process. There are multiple ways to boost the linking, some of them even legitimate.

BlogLinker.com is offering a way of increasing your blog exposure. It is absolutely free tool to increase traffic to your blog by making use of automatic reciprocal linking: others linking to your blog if you link to theirs. Note that the bloggers who misuse the service are removed from this platform on a regular basis.

Here is how it works:
1. Sign-up to blogLinker, then copy a special line of code into your blog template.
2. Find others like you on blogLinker and link to them.
3. They links will now appear on your site and yours will appear on their blogs.

You have an ability to approve all link requests, and you can hide or delete links you do not like. You can also customize their look and feel to match your site interface.

Example to review how the Bloglinker block looks like:

Sign up: http://www.bloglinker.com/

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