07 October 2008

Mobilizing your Blog with Feed-Mate

FeedM8 (feed-mate) is a whole new way to enjoy mobile web browsing. You can now get your favorite blogs or feed-enabled websites on your mobile device in the good manner. This means you get all the popular sites, top news, social networks, sports, celebrity and weather updates all on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. The content is designed for your mobile phone and it is optimized for mobile access, so it is fast and uses smart data transfer technique and little device resources.

There are a few ways to get started with FeedM8 as a feed reader.
1) Go to m.feedm8.com on your phone’s browser. Shortcuts are accepted for fast search. Simply choose from the top picks under "CHK IT OUT" or type what you’re looking for in "WRU L%KN 4?" (i.e. What are you looking for?)
2) Go to www.feedm8.com on your desktop PC. Choose one of the featured websites or enter your own. Type in your phone number when prompted and you will receive a FeedM8 link by SMS.
3) Add the button “My Mobile” (presented on the developer’s web site) to your bookmarks as follows, depending on your browser type:

- Internet Explorer: Right-click the button, and choose "Add to favorites."
- Firefox: Drag the button above into your Bookmarks Toolbar
- Opera: Right-click the button above, choose "Bookmark Link"

To send a website you’re browsing to you mobile, click the "Send to My Mobile" shortcut you’ve just added.

Currently the following operators are supported in US and Canada:
US - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Nextel, Alltel, Metro PCS, Helio
Canada - Rogers, Bell, Fido, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Sasktel, MTS

Developers Web site: http://www.feedm8.com/web/faq_reader

The following detailed video tutorial will instruct you on how to prepare your and configure your blog to use the FeedM8 features, allowing readers to access it with ease on their iPhone, PDA or cell phones.

Mobilizing your Blog

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