26 December 2008

BlogBackupr Provides FREE Blog Back Up Service

If you are experienced blogger, then you probably know the importance of your blog data and the hard work you do to keep your blog alive. Loosing your blog data will be a nightmare. It is a good idea to perform back ups of your blog content at regular intervals so that you will not loose much of you blog data in case of disastrous crash of your blogging platform.

I am a Blogger platform user, and I am using the embedded opportunities for the data backup. However, if for some reason Blogger itself cease to exist, the blogs content and all the backups will be gone as well.

It would be good to have blog backups preserved by the third-party platform, no affiliated with blog hosting site. There is a free service - BlogBackupr - who will do all the will do it for you on daily basis. This service works with all blogs that have a RSS-feed. It runs over the Internet and takes daily backup of your blog. The good thing is - you do not have to install any software on your PC as services are purely web-based.

Currently site supports the following blogging platforms:
* Wordpress Open Source (wordpress.org)
* Wordpress.Com
* Blogger.Com

Note that there are still certain limitations as the site does not support backup of images and your blog templates at the moment. However soon the support for all media files such as images (jpeg, gif etc) or any other files that’s currently on your blog (Powerpoint slides, ZIP-files, CSS, etc.) will be introduced. This will be done automatically for all BlogBackupr-users.

Sign for the services: https://blogbackupr.com/.

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