29 December 2008

Free Automatic Blog Backup Online

Not long ago, I have presented the free blog backup solution BlogBackupr. In this publication, I will show you one more way to backup your valuable blog content - blog backup system by Techrigy. Blog backup is very important because in the event your content is lost, you have the straightforward and simple way to restore it is fast. Furthermore, blog owner is able to store his blog backup anywhere, export it, and transfer it to any other compatible platform.

The project is currently in beta testing stage and has several limitations like:

1. 50 MB limit.

To get more space allocation, all you need to do is just send the administration an email request at morespace@techrigy.com.

2. Blogging platform limitation. Blogs hosted on the following platform types are qualified for free backups:

* Blogger
* WordPress
* TypePad
* Friendster
* LiveJournal
* Serendipity
* Windows Live Space
* Movable Type
* Terapad
* Vox
* Multiply

3. Switch Blog Platforms

You can easily switch to a different blogging platform by using the ‘Restore’ feature.

4. Images & Videos

Images and videos backup is not currently supported, but the new service capabilities will be introduced soon.

There are three levels of support, and just the first one is free for all users. Levels and pricing:


* Backup unlimited number of blogs
* Run backups daily
* 50 mb storage


* $4.17 per month ($49.95 per year)
* Restore your blog
* Backup images linked from blog
* 250MB of storage


* $8.30 per month ($99.95 per year)
* Restore your blogs
* Backup images linked from blog
* 1GB of storage

It is recommended to start from a free service, and if they fit your needs, you can eventually switch to more features-reach service level.

Developers Website: http://www.blogbackuponline.com/techrigy/

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