02 January 2009

Spice up your blog with free cartoon

How to make my site unconditionally attractive? How to add interesting and catchy content to encourage my visitors come back again and again? How to make my readers stay longer on my pages?

I bet, you ask yourself all these and similar questions, when you try to tune and enhance your blog. And answers might be completely different. In this publication, I want to present a single way to spice up your blog and make it more attractive. It might not work for every site and every blog, but I am sure for some of you it will be a good solution.

Free daily cartoon add-on is a good way to add automatically high-demand content and liven up any page on your site. Simply cut and paste the code below into your website or blog HTML. When your readers click on the thumbnail, a larger version of the cartoon appears.

Users rules from the content developer

1. Feel free to change the code's fonts, colors, etc to match your website or blog, but please keep the text and links "as-is".

2. Cartoons archiving on your site is not permitted.

3. If you find cartoons you'd like to use, please contact the author for the aforementioned reasonable quote.

4. Adult websites are not allowed to use the free content.

Business Cartoons:

click to enlarge

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