24 February 2009

Collecting all online traces at personal Web page

In one of my previous posts I have presented Sweetcron as automatic lifestreaming solution for bloggers http://blogging4good.blogspot.com/2009/02/automated-open-source-life-stream.html).

If you did not like the presented solution at the time, Frindo might cover your needs. Take a look!

FriendFeed is an excellent web service that collects your online activity to share with others in a social setting. It automatically picks up the stuff you share on over 40 web sites, like YouTube and Flickr.

But you may want to embed this information at your virtual home and have people that visit your website to get all of your Diggs, Tweets, YouTubes, Flickrs, etc. So Frindo is just a simple script that uses the FriendFeed API to put your life stream on your website in a highly customizable way.

An example of Frindo in action can be seen on the home page at http://screwtheman.com


  • Web server running PHP4
  • Friend Feed account
  • Minor knowledge of CSS, HTML, and web servers
1. Download the zip file and unzip it. The result should be a folder named ’frindo’.
2. Upload this folder intact on to your web server to a place that it can be seen by a web browser.
3. Temporarily make this folder writable.
4. Further information on embedding frindo into your site is on the configuration page when you run it. Frindo will detect that that it has not been configured and will show the configuration and usage interface.
5. Fill out the form and hit submit.
6. If everything is fine change the permissions on the frindo folder and frindosettings.php back to read only. If you ever want to reconfigure it, just remove or rename the frindosettings.php in your folder and follow the configuration process again.
Note: For additional security, you may want to put those files in a differently named folder than ’frindo’. As long as they’re together, it doesn’t matter what the folder name is.
Developers: http://code.google.com/p/frindo/

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