21 June 2009

Better Tracking of Visitors Interaction on your Blog

Do you mind, if somebody uses the content posted on your blog or website pages? I personally do not mind. However, it would be nice if there will be ability to track all the cases, when content is copied, and the proper credit will be presented. The Tynt Tacer free service for web masters make that wish easy to achieved.

What does Tracer do?
Tracer secretly tracks when users copy content from your web site and automatically adds a link back to the original page when your content is pasted. So, why do I need Tracer?
Tracer is a brand new way to:
  • Generate more visits and page views
  • Get credit when content is copied from your site
  • Measure and understand user engagement
  • Improve your search engine ranking

Generate more visits and page views
The automatically added attribution link provides return traffic to your site when your content is shared without your knowledge.

Get credit when content is copied from your site
The automatically added link back ensures you get credit for content that you have created. You can’t stop users from copying from your site but you can improve the chances of getting credit for your content.

Measure and understand user engagement
Tracer allows you to view statistics on how often content is copied from your site, what that content is and what keywords are being copied most. This helps you better understand which content is most interesting to your users.

Our data shows that those pages that users engage with most are not necessarily those with the most page views.

Tracer allows you to identify the most popular content on your site so you can:
  • Provide high quality data to your advertisers, over and above page view stats.
  • Learn which stories users forward most using our copy/paste technology.
  • Produce content more closely aligned with what your users are interested in.
  • Optimize your search terms or keywords.

Improve your search engine ranking
The number one signal that search engines use to determine how relevant your site is, and therefore how high your site ranks, is the number and quality of links that link back to your site. Tracer automatically adds a link back to your site when content is copied and pasted. When your content is pasted onto a blog, Twitter, or another web site it has a direct impact on your search ranking.

By seeing what words and phrases users are copying from your site you can better understand how you might select your keywords, meta-tags, tags, and even ad-words.

Also, Tynt.com is an increasingly popular place for people to find interesting web sites and content and generates visits to your site when content is copied.

Who needs Tracer?
  • Sites that would like to increase traffic and page views.
  • Sites that would like to better understand what content is most engaging.
  • Writers or content creators that would like credit for their work when it is copied.
  • Writers or content creators who would like to see which content is the most engaging and/or the most popular. Keep in mind that page views alone don’t necessarily mean that the user engages with content.
  • Sites selling advertising who would like to find out which pages can drive higher advertising rates.

How to Install
First, you need to register for a free account, to register for an account and as soon as your request will be processed, you will receive an email including:
  • A single line of java script to add to your web page html code.
  • A link to your personal Tracer Statistics Dashboard giving you valuable insight into what is being copied from your site.

Sign for free and get tracer for your pages: http://www.tynt.com/tracer/home

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