10 June 2009

Generate Fast and Easy Misspellings of All Your Keywords

“Uncover Thousands Of Profitable Misspelled Keywords Instantly To Drive Tons Of Qualified Visitors To Your Websites!”

Xtreme Typo Generator is a freeware software utility allows generating the keywords which are intentionally mistyped or misspelled.

But, why use misspelled keywords?
If using mistype keywords does not make sense to you, then you have to reorient yourself and look at the issue from the different perspective. In fact, misspelled or typo keywords are as useful as those which are correctly spelled or typed. Many internet users mistype or misspell words or phrases in their search boxes. An SEO-smart website must also meet this fact and adjust to this reality.

About 20% of all searches contain keyword misspellings, and there are those which are more common. Webmasters can take advantage of these misspellings to use in his or her own website by adding them to the website’s keyword list. Having these misspelled keywords would actually raise the traffic and popularity of the website.

Allowing the misspelled words in the body of the article does not look too professional, but using misspelled keywords for labels and categories assignment does not harm the site, especially, if the list of the keywords is hidden.

Thinking of thousands of keyword combinations can be very time consuming and very draining. Double the effort and time, and you can probably make a short list of all the possible and common keywords in typo mistakes. That is why a tool like the Xtreme Typo Generator becomes essential.

What can Xtreme Typo Generator do for you?
  • Create a list of thousands of misspelled keywords in just a few clicks.
  • Up to 6 options for you to choose from on how to you want the keywords to be misspelled.
  • Add your own keyword list in the software for more flexibility.
  • Export in TXT file for easy reference later.
  • Adwords keyword wrapper feature to easily prepare your Adword campaign.
  • Organize keywords in broad, exact, phrase, lowercase and negative case.
  • Saves you a ton of time, effort and spare you from spending thousands of dollars in competing for expensive keywords in the search engines.
  • and much more…

Author: IM Soft Xtreme

The Xtreme Typo Generator Utility is rated 4 of 5 on the RateItAll Rating list of the best free computer programs for the keywords generation. As of today, there are 22 utilities presented on the list. 

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