01 October 2009

Dead-End, or 6 reasons to stop blogging

After three-plus years, Christian Ziebarth decided to stop blogging — at least, temporarily — for his OC Mex blog that tracks the ins and outs of the Mexican restaurants in Orange CountysOCial sunday asked him to share the sign that convinced him it was time for a break …

  1. When you realize you are putting way too much time into it and getting little in return.
  2. When the amount of your site traffic indicates you should be getting more comments than you are.
  3. When you realize other people get paid to do pretty much the same thing.
  4. When friends and family think you have no other focus in life than the subject matter of your blog.
  5. When you know you have some readers; but when you also see your blog isn’t reaching many people who are interested in the subject matter you write about.
  6. When you go to bed every night stressed out, and, even worse, when you wake up stressed out.
Christian adds: “I may very well get back to the blog, but I need to let my life simmer down for the time being and then see how I can work the blog back in.”

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