20 November 2009

Entrecard - virtual business card directory

Entrecard is one of the few blogging networks, which considered being quite useful for the blog promotion by many respected and successful bloggers. There you can buy and sell ad space for credits, which you can use for spreading a word about your own site.

Entrecard is actually a virtual online business card directory. By creating your online business card, you can use your blog as a social networking tool to increase traffic, , reach new readers, or just to make new friends.

How it works

  • When you put the Entrecard widget on your blog, your visitors are able to leave you their virtual business cards. All cards received are stored in your dashboard.
  • You can find the blog sites you like and click on the "drop" link on their widget. This is how you give your business card to people you want to network with.
  • You can communicate directly with people in your network through our private messaging system.
  • By giving your business card way, you earn Entrecard credits! It is a virtual currency. You can buy/sell/trade services with other users using earned Entrecard credits.
  • The service is free for all users.
For a limited time only, community is offering new users 200 free credits when they become active members of the Entrecard community. The promotional credits will encourage new users to spend their credits and become familiar with the Entrecard system.

There is also promotion for current site users. You can promote Entrecard through the referral program and receive 800 credits for every new referral that joins Entrecard. You can promote Entrecard on blog posts or by putting our pre-made banners on your blog.

Get your unique referral code and pre-made banners here: http://entrecard.com/r/referring

You can access Entrecard site through the link: http://entrecard.com/

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