26 August 2010

Stream Music on your Blog with iRadeo

About iRadeo

iRodeo offers the bloggers’ community a free open source MP3 player and online radio streaming platform. You can start streaming your mp3 files with ease, launching your online radio station.

 iRadeo is the simple, easy-to-use technology that allows turning any website or blog into a professional, lively, or altogether unique page. You can even personalize your homepage to have audio that reflects you, or play your own pre-recorded audio files.

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Main Features:

  • ·        Fast and easy setup. Register, customize your settings, and upload to start streaming. No other setup required. You can embed player on any website. Nothing to download and no technical skills required.
  • ·         Unlimited streaming. Stream as many MP3 files as you provide, without any restrictions.
  • ·         M3 tags detections. Auto MP3 ID tag detection and display is built-in.
  • ·         Unlimited listeners. No restrictions on number of listeners at the same time.
  • ·         Complete customization. Complete control of the style for the player, including color, size, types of players and field options.
  • ·         Free downloads for your visitors. Enable your listeners to download each stream.

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