06 September 2010

How to submit blog sitemap to Bing?

As you know, Search Engine Bing, powered by Microsoft, is one of the new successful additions to the marketing niche, dominated by Google. You may need to consider seriously your exposure to the Bing searchers, besides focusing on Google and Yahoo! To get more visibility, you can follow the simple steps, described below.

1. The first thing is to create an account or use one you already have for the services of pages of Microsoft, like Hotmail.

2. If this is the first time you access the service and never have sent your URL, you will see the option to "Add Site. You can have multiple websites / blogs in the same account.

3. Go to http://www.bing.com/webmaster/
* Click the "Add Site" to add the URL of your blog.
* Enter the address of your blog where it says.
* And click on "Submit" to submit your request.

4. Verify your ownership of your website.
Webmaster Tools requires authentication to ensure that only the rightful owners are provided with information about their websites. There are two ways to prepare your website for authentication, both of which rely on your adding an authentication code your website. You need to do only one of them to get verified.

* "Option 1" offers blog authorship verification by hosting a XML file on your Web Server, which is appropriate for the server hosted blogs (Wordpress.org, for example).

* "Option 2" represents a meta tag authorization by adding certain source code to your blog template (recommended for Blogger blogs).

As I am a Blogger platform user, I have applied the second approach, and it takes just a minute to complete site authorization. You can go to the panel, click on "Design" ~> "Edit HTML" and embed the generated line under the head. Then click the "Verify" button to let Bing to confirm your registration. Note that the tracking and displaying data indexing can take several days to begin to appear.

5. Adding sitemap of your blog
Now, when your blog has been successfully verified you can send its sitemap to get it crawled easier and help the algorithms to find and read its contents. Click on Add Sitemap on the line of your blog listing. At this point you have to add the address of the sitemap file to your blog.

* For blogs on Blogger (Blogspot) your map address definition is pretty simple. Just Enter the default address of RSS Feed, as in the example below:

URL- http://blogging4good.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

* For wordpress.org blogs
You may use site maps generator Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress. Simply create or have created an XML file of your sitemap, hosted on your host and add the link as explained above, clicking the "Submit".

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