27 September 2010

How to create a Free Professional Blog with BlinkWeb?

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the blogging platforms for the new bloggers, we often restrain our reviews by the big players in this marketing niche only (like Blogger, for example). However, there are many small players, who may offer quite impressive set of features and capabilities.

Today, we are going to present of the sites, which can easily compete with big boys – BlinkWeb.  It’s one of those websites that surprisingly offers you their services for free without any loopholes and hassles. The site was founded in June 2008 by Brad and Matthew Callen, the company is based in Indiana, USA.

BlinkWeb offers you to create professionally looking website or blog with simplicity and speed of the drag and drop functionality. You can easily create all the major website types such as a blogs, a content style websites, or a sales letter style websites. The blogging platform was developed with novice users in mind. However, those with moderate experience, basically anyone who doesn’t know the least bit about html and other coding stuff, can still very easily make use of this platform. Blinkweb comes equipped with many high quality website templates that users can select from, making the new blog unique in the blogosphere.


To get started with the service is pretty simple: you just need to sign up for a new account on BlinkWeb. It is easy as well. Simply enter your chosen username, password and your email address on the homepage of the site in the signup box. It’s free to sign up and use BlinkWeb, depending on where you want to host your site you may have to pay a fee.

The Blinkweb page builder is completely free. After the user creates their website, they are presented with 3 main options which include; get a subdomain for your website, get a domain name for your website, or download your website in .zip format. Users will be able to get a subdomain completely free, which is then hosted by our servers. Users can also choose to get a domain from Blinkweb. Domain names are completely free as well. Should the user choose to get a domain name, Blinkweb will host their website for $1.00 the first month and then $14.95 for each month thereafter. Users can have unlimited domains with Blinkweb. Each additional domain is only an extra $1.30/month. Finally, if users prefer to host their websites with their current webhost, rather than through Blinkweb, they can choose the 3rd option, which is to download their website in .zip format. Doing so costs only a very small fee. Blinkweb also offers an extensive line of training tools and guides to earning money strictly from an online business. These tools come in the form of videos, workbooks, and audio CDs.

It incorporates the following features:
  • It has a very user friendly interface, even a novice can get a hang of it in no time.
  • You can download website to your own computer
  • It very conveniently lets you build websites by simply dragging and dropping components
  • You can also add few add-on and plug-in like AdSense, contact forms, guestbooks and maps according to your requirement.
  • The basic services comes for free but if you are looking for trying out and applying more advanced features then you will be charged accordingly.

Access Website Homepage: http://business.blinkweb.com/

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