27 January 2011

Linkwithin Related Post Widget Review

As any other blogger, I have explored several ways to install random or relevant articles widgets on this blog, trying to attract the readers not just with the information, they came for through the search engine, but also offering them a chance to stumble on some of my older posts. Until recently, I could not find one, which really made impact on my stats…

Before I installed LinkWithin widget… I tried it on one of the blogs, then on other… The results of the investigation were quite positive. From a technical standpoint, the widgets are working flawlessly on all of blogs, I have embedded them to.  And now I would definitely recommend them for anyone who has been blogging long enough to build a decent collection of articles.

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LinkWithin is blog widget that creates 3-5 links to your related older posts from your blog, looking for appropriate titles, keywords, and text, which matches more or less your recent publication. It puts a thumbnail picture under your posts or just plain text links, if the adequate posts with images could not be located on your blog. So by putting LinkWithin in your blog, you encourage your reader to see some of your blog posts, they would most likely miss without this hint. This is the known SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approach of interlinking your posts.

The main features of the LinkWithin widget:

  1. It's Free.
  2. No Sign-up required.
  3. No Advertisement Included.
  4. Fast to install (less than 5 minutes)
  5. Good SEO tactic.
  6. Simple and Elegant Design.
  7. Works fine, with no glitches.

The plugin is available for Wordpress, Typepad, and Blogger platforms. The instructions for installing the widget on Blogger were nice and clear. There are also instructions which tailor it to different types of platforms. Note that you are provided clear instructions only when you provide email address and blog web address. You have also options to mark if you have a dark text on light background, or light text on dark background, so that will help to match widget appearance to your blog theme.
Actually, you can see the possible output at the bottom of this and any other posts on this page.

Highly Recommended!

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