03 February 2011

How to add Instant Messaging to your Blogger blog?

Plugoo Widget enables your website visitors (blog, social network profile, online shop…) to get in touch with you in real time, directly on your Instant Messenger (MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Jabber…). If your messenger status is online, visitors can send you an instant message through the Plugoo Buddy in your messenger buddy list. You can thus chat with them, answer their questions or comments Live!

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Your visitors need neither to download any software, nor to create an account before they can contact you. They never have access to your instant messaging information (username). And conversation between a visitor and you is strictly private – other simultaneous visitors on the website don’t see the conversation. You don’t have to change your habits, you keep using your favorite messenger on your desktop or from your mobile phone.

How does Plugoo work?

On your blog, personal website or online shop, you embed a Plugoo. Visitors on your website can see the Plugoo and write through it a message for you.

As this Plugoo is directly connected to your Instant Messenger, it forwards you in real time all the messages your website visitors can send to you. You reply to your visitors from your Messenger while they are currently browsing your website.

You can also use myPlugoo, a simple link http://www.myPlugoo.com/... to let your friends IM you from any web site, email or blog. For instance, you can add this link to your email signatures or to your blog/forum comments… This way, your emails recipients or other Net surfer have the opportunity to pop-up your Plugoo Widget with just one click and start a LIVE conversation with you!

Chatting with several visitors at a time

You can handle five simultaneous conversations with five different visitors. When you’re already chatting with one visitor and a second one wants to chat with you, you will receive an invitation in your Messenger conversation window to pop-up the multi-conversations Plugoo Module (if you activated the Plugoo Multichat Mode – to activate this option, sign in at www.Plugoo.com and click “My settings”, then choose the option “Multiple”).

Thus, you will be able to chat with five visitors at a time (visitors from any of your websites). The Plugoo’s name appears above the conversation window on the multi-conversations Plugoo Module so that you can identify the origin of the conversation.

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