27 February 2011

How to make extra income being a virtual Mayor of your own town?

Travel industry is a very promising area for web marketers. Therefore, there are multiple successful interactive guides and social communities, capturing this niche. I would like to present a new site on the map, addressing this high-demand topic - http://zoomvillage.com/.

The site provides an interactive platform for creating online tourism guides for any town in the United States (and a few other countries). The developers started from covering the town, they actually reside (Litchfield, CT) to give an example of the site features and capabilities. The central point is the offer to all the fellows bloggers to join the project and to get a portion of the generated revenues.

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The profit generation scheme looks as follows:
  • The first person to establish a town or city on ZoomVillage is automatically named the Mayor and given the special privileges enjoyed only by Mayors.
  • The Mayor receives 50% of advertising fees for all ads placed on the town's site.
  • As the chief editor of the town's site, the Mayor is responsible for monitoring additions to the site, such as when a user posts information about a new restaurant.
  • Although any registered resident of the town can make certain changes to the town's attractions, some editing tasks (such as deleting an item) are reserved for the Mayor only.
  • The Mayor can give administrative control to other trusted users. The administrators have some, but not all, of the Mayor's privileges.

Advertising rates are dynamically calculated and are a function of the number of active registered users in each town.

So, as a Major of your City, you start your own project of promoting your local community. And your earnings are directly influenced on how successful your efforts are to promote your virtual project.

At the moment, it is hard to estimate, how successful the site may be, and how much visitors (and advertisers) it may attract in the future. But, being at the very beginning, you can make a difference, and the site success will be based on multiple local communities administrators’ success.

Sounds interesting? Register for the site and claim your city or town, while still available.

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