15 October 2011

Missing Link between Facebook and Twitter

Most of the modern time bloggers recognize the value of the social networks to promote their blog post, sharing the related information on the multiple sites and creating additional web links to your blog, which plays positive role for your site ranking.

Among the two leading applications in the social networking are Twitter and Facebook. Free web service Natter will save you time by linking your two accounts in these communities. As you register to the Natter account, all your tweets will be monitored by the Natter service and instantly posted to Facebook. The same way, your every comment posted on Facebook, will be automatically reposted to Twitter in real time. So you can follow your Facebook right from your favorite Twitter client.

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Main Features:

  • Post tweets to your Facebook profile.
  • Post Facebook comments back to Twitter.
  • Only post tweets containing a hashtag (e.g. #fb) to Facebook.
  • Finds and displays links in your tweets as a Facebook post.
  • Translates twitter names to their real world counterparts.

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