23 October 2011

Boostpost - Easy Social Network Ranking Integration

Promotion is important for every blog or website, except for the cases, when blogs are created for personal needs or very limited private purposes. And for most bloggers spreading a word is essential for the site popularity and profitability. There are many ways and approaches, and involving the steady rising trend of the social media is one of the most promising among them.

So, so main question is what is the most efficient way of distributing your publications, and there is no the one and the best answer. In this post, we will review the free services from BoostPost – one of the easiest ways to add social network ranking buttons to your blog or website. With one simple button or widget, your page gains the integration of over 50 social network buttons. The visual presentation is a uniform, organized view of how your post ranks among those networks. A button and widget can be easily embedded in blog postings for multiple blogging platforms.

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Boostpost helps to:
  • Enhance internet posts via the presentation of valued reader statistics.
  • Promote posts to new audiences all over the world.
  • Give active readers new opportunities to "break the story".

 The list of the social networks is compiled from the most popular services, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Reddit, but also have some, which you may even not ever used or even heard. Does not matter, as your visitor may be using these services, unknown to you, and they will submit your post there, gaining additional exposure to the group, you never reached before.

If you participate in the Google Adsense revenue program, you may even add one more channel of income. If you provide your Google Adsense Client ID in your button or widget code, you are entitled to get revenues share from the ads posted on your boostpage.

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