30 January 2012

Using Google Alerts to Monitor the Web

Providing fresh quality content ahead of competitors is one of the main keys of the blogging success. But that is not easy to be always “on top” of the things, especially if your blogging empire covers multiple areas of interests.

And here is another free Google service, which can be quite handy to assist you with the Web monitoring for news or any other posts on topics of your interests. It is like having young assistants who are working online and selecting for you the information of interest.

Service is simple, reliable, and with simplistic Google-style interface:
  • Enter a search query you wish to monitor.
  • Chose result type from the drop-down list, selecting from the following options:
    • Everything.
    • News.
    • Blogs.
    • Video.
    • Discussions.
    • Books.
  • Chose monitoring frequency:
    • As-it happens.
    • Once a day.
    • Once a week.
  • Results quality:
    • Only the best results.
    • All results.
  • Delivery:
    • Your email.
    • Your feed.

Website address: http://www.google.com/alerts

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