10 February 2012

xPollinate - Windows Live Writer Cross Post Plugin

If you are using one of the best desktop publishing utilities Windows Live Writer to edit your blog posts, this plugin might be just for you. It might save significant time on spreading your posts on multiple platforms and on social networks.

xPollinate is a Open Source Windows Live Writer plugin enables you to cross post your blog entries to other blogs, as well as social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook via Ping.FM. You can use the plugin to reach more audiences with no extra time spent, or even to create backups of your blog posts for safety.

With xPollinate, you can cross post full or summarized versions of your entries to any other blogs you have configured in Live Writer. You can also use it to post announcements and full or summarized blog posts to your favorite social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc via Ping.FM.

The Blogs tab contains settings to post to other Live Writer blogs:

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The Ping.FM tab contains settings to post to social networking sites:

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Main Features:
1. Cross post to multiple blogs at the same time
2. Choose blogs to post to at cross post time
3. Set plugin defaults through the options dialog, and override at posting time.
4. Ability to turn comments and trackbacks (pings) on/off at the cross posted blog
5. Add header or footer html to each cross posted entry
6. Cross post to Ping.FM
7. Supports triggers and services
8. Post using blog, microblog, or status methods, simultaneously or individually

System prerequisite requirements:
* Windows Live Writer
* NET Framework.

Developers’ site: http://xpollinate.codeplex.com/

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