08 June 2014

4 BitCoin Faucets, where you can get quality lifetime referral income

There are many BTC faucets, which give you free satoshi for simple clicking (definitely, after you fill captcha, to secure the service from unfriendly bots). Many of them offer the referral programs to pay you significant portion of your referrals’ earning. In this post, we will present three of such faucets:

Bitcoin Zebra

Feed the zebra and win up to 1000 satoshi every hour.
You got an equal chance to get 100, 200, 300, 400, or 1000 satoshi.
In addition, you get a chance to multiply your winnings through Zebra Multiplier.
Referral program is available (about 50% rate depending on number of referrals).
Direct payments once a week - every Sunday, as soon as amount exceeds 5,500 satoshi.


A new Bitcoin Faucet is worth to play with as it offers an average payout of 200 satoshi with submission frequency once an hour. You will get paid instantly to your Microwallet.org account.
Available prizes are 100, 200, and 300 satoshi, with an equal chance of each!
You may earn 25% lifetime commission for referring your friends and colleagues to Bitcoinker, using your referral URL.


BitVisitor gives you free bitcoins after you input your Bitcoin address, solve a verbal captcha, keep a website open during 5 minutes and click a green "Next" button.
The incentives are from 100 satoshi to up to 12,000 satoshi.
Payments are generated and sent automatically as soon as the accumulated amount is higher than 60,000 satoshi.
Bitvisitor now offers a 50% profit sharing affiliate program! You can earn 50% of total profit every time someone you refer visits one of our advertiser's sites!


BTC faucet with unique mining interface where your minimum winning is 265 satoshis and up to 5,000 satoshi.
Play once every 50 minutes.
You also can multiply your BTC with included game, however, the gambling is never secury, so be careful with such approach.
50% referral system
Payments are sent once a week - on Mondays – as soon as your accumulated amount exceeds  0.0001 BTC (10,000 satoshi).


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