28 December 2014

Free and Paid Guest Posting Opportunities with PostJoint

PostJoint is a site where you can find blogs who are looking for content. You create an account and submit your article and bloggers will have the opportunity to invite you to publish at their blog. PostJoint includes both free and sponsored content, so you may be able to earn an extra income for your posts as well.

PostJoint is not a blog or article network. There are no widgets, codes or logos connecting the blogs together. Nobody can browse lists of our member blogs and nobody can scan the posts in the system.

How it works?

Enter information on the list of topics you blog about (and care about) using keyword level targeting and the site will send you a fresh batch of targeted opportunities rolled into one daily email. So if you only want opportunities about 'technology' and 'Apple' with a budget of $100+, that is what you'll get. Scan through them, and when something takes your fancy, submit an offer and start a dialog with the marketer quickly and easily.

Do not like any of our post opportunities? No problem! You are not obliged to make any offers at all. However, if you like what you see and do make an offer, only the user who created the opportunity will know about it.

The unique control panel lets you easily make offers, message our marketers, track your earnings, manage your opportunities, and so much more. Built with simplicity and usability in mind, you will be making offers, making new connections, and earning money, in no time.

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