08 December 2014

SiteKit – A new Way to Build Websites

SiteKit is one of the few website builder services offering an unlimited site for no monthly fee.

Main free features include:
* Professionally designed, responsive website templates. All your images can be uploaded, resized, cropped, and enhanced directly in SiteKit.
* SEO optimization. Easily optimize your site for search engines by creating unique URLs, Page Titles, and Meta Descriptions.
* Social integration. Your visitors can easily share anything with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.
* Blog. Attract visitors with an easy-to-use blog that looks great on all devices.
* Google Analytics. Integrate Google Analytics into your website and keep track of your website traffic.
* Unlimited Amazon cloud hosting. Your site is fully hosted on Amazon's cloud platform, for no monthly fee.
* Unlimited bandwidth. You get unlimited bandwidth so your page load times will always be fast.
* Unlimited storage. Upload as many photos, videos and other files as you want.
* Unlimited pages. Add as many additional pages and as much content to your site as you want.
* Custom Domain. Add your own unique URL—like yourbusiness.com—so your customers can easily find your site.
* No Ads. Service provider will not embed any ads to your website.

SiteKit claims to introduce a new model for website builders. It is naturally integrated with the Moboom Market, an App Store-like marketplace of free and premium templates, stock photos, integrations, etc. You decide what is valuable for your website, whether it is a premium photo, template, or service. If you decide to choose only free components, you will never be charged.

Site creation is fast, easy, and does not involve any learning curves. Choose the template and start building you web presence right away.

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