18 February 2008

Blog Loading Speed Optimization

When you work on your Blog, you do your best to improve it by all means to attract visitor’s attention and to get him or her interested in your content for as long time, as possible. Sometimes, practice of using catchy graphics and beautiful widgets is creating a significant load on the Blog structure, causing significant loading delays, especially for the computers with slow Internet connection. This extended loading time for the site might drive an impatient surfers off, without getting through the loading phase.

To can an objective picture of your site characteristics, you can test your Blog loading speed and optimize your site performance per analysis and recommendations from free comprehensive services provided by Web Page Analyzer (http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/).

Simply paste your Blog URL into the assigned box and submit query. The automatically created script will calculated the page size, different elements on the page, and related loading time for different connection rates. Based on these characteristics, the script then offers you recommendations on how your page loading time might be improved, and it is up to you how and if you will follow the friendly script’s advice.

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