03 February 2008

Enhancing Searching Capabilities on your Blog with BlogBar

As you may noticed, I am trying to keep the Blog layout very simple and non-aggressive. Presence of the blinking banners, flashing ads, and pop-up windows might be fascinating at the first glance, but on the long-term, it is taking away your readers' attention from your main content. However, I am constantly searching for the suitable utilities and widgets that can help my readers and myself as well to keep their interest on the Blog.

I am pretty sure, that fills the very important gap on my blog related to the readers' need for additional information advanced search. is a free search engine widget that can simply included in the blog or website template. With , blog visitors are able to performed advanced searches, as:
- Search for an additional information within the Blog (you make easy for your visitors to research your other posts).
- Search the web with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or all of them together for the same item).
- Search the Blog Search Engines for the needed information (Technorati, Google Blog Search, etc.)
- Search the Social Bookmarking Sites (Digg, Del.icio.us, etc.)
- Search in Wikipedia.
- Search for Images (Google Images, Flickr, etc.)
- Search for Video Clips (YouTube, Google Video, etc.)

Pretty impressive listing! Widget is very small, and the process of its installation will not take more than a minute. You can choose the color of the search box frame to fit the best to your blog layout. To finalize the presentation, the last, but not least reason to install the widget is additional monetization capabilities with it. If you have an AdSense account, simple placement your ID in the widget code will allow to account for all related searches and clicks.

You can see the described search form on the borders to the left, and you can verify, that whatever I review, it is all true. You can generate the Widget code through the following link:

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