23 October 2008

AdSense Revenue Sharing on Multi-author Wordpress Blog

If you have WorPress Blog with multiple contributing authors, and you are running Google AdSense program, you might be looking in the opportunity to split the revenues fairly between the participating members. The present plugin is exactly what you need to program the ads revenue sharing. It is absolutely free, and quite easy to settle up.

AdSense Revenue Sharing is a wordpress plugin which allows you to easy display ads in your posts by using a quicktag and share your adsense impressions with your friends and co-authors.

To dispaly the ads you can either insert <!-adsense-> anywhere in your post or use the quicktag button.
For configuration go to Options>Revenue Sharing


  1. Download, unzip, copy adsense-revenue-sharing directory to your plugin folder.
  2. Go to your wordpress admin panel, click on Plugins and activate Adsense Revenue Sharing.
  3. Go to Options>Revenue Sharing and configure the plugin.
* Top left is a default publisher id. Delete it or modify it with your own.
* Add other publisher codes from your co-authors if available.
* Edit the adsense ad setting (border, color etc); do not fill the ad channel if you added more than one publisher id.
* Select yes or no for the All pages option.
* Click Update AdSense Settings.

How the pluging works:
There are two ways you can use this plugin.
1. You can use the quicktag and insert an ad wherever you want in your post.
2. Second, you can use the All pages setting.
    By choosing number the second option one add will appear at the end of every single post and page.
    By using either one of the above, on the pages that have more than one post like main page or the archive page, only the first post on the page will display one ad. Google only lets you display 3 ads at a time so it’s better to show one ad, than to show 3 ads and 4 to 7 empty spaces.

    Using two or more authors at once, everyone will get equal ad exposure. So if there are 2 authors, each of then will get 50%. For 4 authors the percentage will be 25% for each and so on. Every time the page loads a different author id will be used to display the ad/ads. Remember due to Google only one publisher id is allowed to be used on a page. So if you want to add other ads in your design read the Google TOS first, you will have to disable the plugin or use only one publisher id with it.

    Remember if you have 2 or more publishers, the one with less hits will be displayed.
    EX.: 5 publishers, someone visits the website and the id from no.1 is shown; for the next 4 visits no.1 will not be shown, meaning that the other 4 will be, randomly; now the hit count is equal again and the pub. no.1 will be shown again; every id will be shown once every 5 hits.

    If you want to add another authors publisher id and you already have one or more, either reset the other publishers hit count, or insert and equal number with the current hit count of the existing ones to the newly added. If you don`t, the next thing will happen:
    Ex.: you have 8 publishers and each of them has 1000 hits; you add another one with 0 hits. If you don`t reset the hit count for the other 8 or insert 1000 as the new publishers hit value, ads with his id will show up until he reaches 1000 hits.
    • Nice admin area with live ad preview
    • Add as many co-authors as you desire
    • Simple add/edit/delete/reset co-authors
    • Fast insert your ads in you posts and pages
    • “Show all” feature to insert one ad at the end of every post
    Requires: WordPress: 2.3 to 2.5.1

    1. Unzip the downloaded package and upload the AdSense Revenue Sharing folder into your Wordpress plugins folder
    2. Log into your WordPress admin panel
    3. Go to Plugins and “Activate” the plugin. “Revenue Sharing” will now be displayed in your Options section
    4. Set up as many AdSense Account ID`s under Options -> Revenue Sharing
    5. Edit your Ad options under under Options -> Revenue Sharing
    Settings Screenshot:

    012149329     012149334
    Developer Website for more information and plugin download:




      THANK YOU..........

    2. Great post. You might also want to look into the API.

      Revenue sharing sites like Flixya.comand Hubpages.com are great ways to generate Google Adsense revenue without needing to host a website. Also great that they have done the hardwork for users to enjoy the benefits. Not sure how Flixya makes money, but they pay 100% of the ad revenue to users.

      Thanks again for the informative post. I need to find time to build a WP site again.

    3. Hi Michael,
      Appreciate your feedback. It is really encouraging when somebody likes what you do...

    4. Hi Runnerup,
      Thank you for leaving your note. I totally agree with you that there are indeed great sites, where you can get your revenue share without having your personal site or blog. And, I would put Flyxia on the first position in the list. At least, for me it is the best money maker. Check also Senserely.com and Yousaytoo.com. These sites work for me as well.

    5. You can indeed run more than one publisher's ads on a page - http://truckingtruth.com/trucking_blogs/goog_multiple_publishers.html

      I keep reading tons and tons of posts about this - hope this clears things up!

    6. Thats a very interesting post. I have been inspired. Thanks. Web Designer



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