02 November 2008

Adding Speech to your Blog

VozMe.com is a free web based application to convert text into MP3 audio. VozMe converts the text you type or copy to a simple textbox provided on site into an mp3 file, which can be downloaded and used anywhere, including simple integration to your website and blog. VozMe also provides a Google gadget to add to your Google homepage (iGoogle).

VozMe.com provided JavaScript to help bloggers and webmasters to integrate the widget into their blogs and websites. It enables the users to listen to the text in your website. VozMe also provides plugins for Wordpress, Blogger, and some other platforms to help in integration.

At the moment, the following languages are supported: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan, but the localization list is growing pretty fast. You can also choose male or female voice for your recording.

Application is absolutely free and does not require registration for the services.

Access the Web2 Application: http://vozme.com/index.php?lang=en

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