06 November 2008

How to Remove NavBar in Blogger

There might be multiple reasons, why would you like removing Blogger Navbar from the top of your page:

  • This bar highlights that you are part of the Blogger community, and you might not want emphasizing that.
  • The bar might not fit well to your template design.
  • Blogger has started random advertisement above the Navbar and this has taken valuable space on you blog page.
Due to the simple fact the fact that the Blogger TOS (Terms of Service) do not specify that keeping Navbar on the blog is a mandatory feature of the Blogger account holder, you have no legal or ethical restrictions on the Navbar removal.

Fortunately, removing the Navbar is a quite easy task, and it can be done in different ways.
1. Go to your blogger Dashboard and select Layout.
2. Click Edit HTML.

Method 1

Find the following record in the template layout
Paste this simple code
#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Method 2 (By Aditya)
Look for <b:skin> and paste the following after that:
/* By Aditya http://the-lastword.blogspot.com/ ----------------------------------------------- */ div.navbar { opacity:0.0; display:none; }

Method 3 (By Praveen)

Look for <b:skin> and paste the following after that:

/* By Apnerve http://www.apnerve.blogspot.com ----------------------------------------------- */ #navbar #Navbar1 iframe { display:none; visibility:none; }

Method 4
Just add the following lines anywhere in your Blogger template [enclosed by <style> tags] and the blogger banner will be gone forever.
#navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none; }

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