24 November 2008

Create multiple articles avoiding duplicate content

It is not easy to write a good, informative article with original content. To increase readers auditory as much as possible, blogger repost the same article at the different blogs and social blogging communities. But duplicate content is not encouraged neither by search engines, nor by some blogging sites, where the condition to submit exclusively original content is strict.

DupeFreePro is a free software tool that will make your life easier to avoid using duplicate content when you’re posting articles here and there on the Internet. Note that it is not similar to those automated programs which create hundreds of junk articles, but it will help to evaluate your own modified articles for perceived uniqueness.


As you may know, Google ignores duplicate content while assessing the site SEO ranking. If you post the same article (containing a link to your web site) in more than one location, when Google calculates your web site’s rankings, it uses what it considers to be the first posting or the earliest article and ignores the others.

For optimal results, you want to rewrite the article enough so that Google perceives it as original content. This can be tricky, since it’s difficult to know when you have modified an article enough to rate as new content.

DupeFreePro solves this tricky problem for you, among others. DupeFreePro will tell you if the two articles are sufficiently different to be considered unique. It will also give you a keyword density rating so you can be sure your keyword or keyword phrase appears the “right” number of times. Additionally, it suggests other related words that Google expects to find in an article that contains your keyword phrase.

You can use DupeFreePro to be sure your rewritten PLR articles are sufficiently different from the originals; you can use the software to prevent accusations of plagiarism if you are using material you have researched online; and lastly, you can use it to optimize your articles’ keyword density for the search engines.

DupeFreePro is freeware and it can be considered as mature well-developed product. It’s a good help to anyone who uses article marketing, PLR articles, Squidoo lenses, HubPages, blogs or similar. There’s nothing to buy, or any special offers, just a form to opt-in and get the software.

Developers’ direct link: http://www.dupefreepro.com/

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