06 July 2009

Free Blogs Templates Creator

There are multiple blogs with the same templates on the Web. Does that bother you that the same template you are using, can be found elsewhere? If that does, you might find interesting to take a look on the free web-based templates self-designer.

Psycho is an exclusive weblog template designer for the following blogging platforms: Blogger (Classic), Persian Blog, BlogFa. It will help you to make the following:
  • Create your ever-wished template in less than 10 minutes!
  • Walk on the edges of template design without any HTML knowledge!
  • Have W3C valid XHTML template, which will bring a higher ranking in search engines and eventually more hits.
  • Fix the browser's incompatibility.
  • Accelerate the loading time and style of your page.
  • Have CSS-Based template: The page can never be lighter and cleaner than it!
  • Always be capable to modify and share your template easily by saving your format in the PsycHodrama!
PsycHo is
  • An Open-Source project: You can read and even modify thousand lines of its javascript codes under terms of GPL.
  • Absolutely free of charge: You don't need to pay for anything!
  • Based on a single DHTML page: No submission or lag it has!
  • Working offline: Just get the page and hang the connection up; it works yet!
  • As PsycHo's generated templates have absolutely no warranty, it's strongly recommended to get a backup of your current template before pasting new code and making any modifications. Actually, it is a generic advice that is suitable for anything you do with your template code.
  • PsycHo generates Blogger templates only for the old Blogger, and they are not completely compatible with new Blogger. Fortunately you can still use them on new Blogger! Just tell it (Blogger service) that you wish to use an old (Blogger says classic) template in cost of losing Blogger's new features like labels and etc.
    To do that, in template area of Blogger, instead of pasting the HTML code (output of PsycHo), click on Revert to Classic Template link at the bottom of the box. Then, when you went to the classic menu (where Change the NavBar menu appears), paste the code and click "Save Template Changes".
  • FireFox is a recommended browser, while creating your template.

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