16 July 2009

Why You Should Try Wowzio Widgets on Your Blog

With Wowzio you can take any feed, and with that feed you can generate attractive widget for your site or blog. You can even have up to 15 feeds streaming the data on the same one widget. Wowzio looks at the feed and pulls out the blog posts as well as the photos or images with each post.

Any blog that is javascript-enabled, can install Wowzio's widgets by simply pasting the javascript code into template. Note that if your blog is hosted by Wordpress.com, Wowzio widgets will not work, because wordpress.com strips off javascript from the embedded html.
After you input the feed (RSS URL), you can start with a version of the widget which can be customized as per your needs. The theme, color, size and interactions can be configured, using Wowzio's WYSIWYG designer.
Wowzio provides a wide spec of the widget customization options in the following categories:

Live Activity Widget
The Wowzio Live Activity Widget provides you and your users with a "live" feed of the visits to your blog or site. Every time a page that the widget is on loads, the widget detects the user's location and the page they are coming from. This information is fed in real-time to every other widget open at that time, to give your visitors a rare insight into the vitality of your blog or site! You can see the latest activity on your blog and so can everyone else. They can see where people are coming from and what they are reading on your blog.

TagCloud Widget
This is a cloud of all your popular tags, extracted from your blog as well as from Technorati. It helps revitalize the rich content that is deeply embedded in blog posts. When a user clicks on a tag, the widget displays the matching blog posts inside the tagcloud widget frame, thus keeping the user on the same page.  If your blog post does not contain native tags, nor Technorati tags, Wowzio extracts tags using Yahoo's Term Extraction API, one of the APIs provided by Web Services by Yahoo! For each tag, the widget factors in its recency, frequency, and placement, and than assigns it a rating score accordingly. Finally, the tags are ordered by their score, and the top tags are picked first to display in the tagcloud widget.

Photo Gallery Widget
This widget provides an elegant and simple way for users of your blog to discover the awesome content created by you. Every photo provides backlink to the related blog post. This results in increased engagement of users on your blog, causing an increase in page views. This is great if you want to put together Flickr feeds of your favorite photographers. You can select a specific display option for the gallery and with auto sizing it should fit nicely to any blog template. The widget automatically displays the most recent 50 photos from your feed(s).

Panoramic Slideshow Widget
This widgets extends the capabilities of the Photo Gallery to the Slideshow, using the similar guidelines for the pictures, extracted from the RSS feeds. In this widget, the images just are smaller and you have additional previous and next buttons to flip through images.

Feed Content Widget
The content widget is a syndication and content distribution mechanism. You can aggregate feeds from multiple sources (up to 15) into one widget. You can use it for cross-promotion of content, or syndication via 3-rd party channels. This will display the content from your feeds including blurbs about each posts and images.

If you do not have a Widget yet, but you would like to get it, you need to send email to the authors at invite@wowzio.com, with a pointer to your blog. The members of the staff are giving away just 25 invites every 24 hours by email. So, you might need some patience, waiting “in line”.

If you already have a Wowzio widget on your blog, you can make changes to your widget by simply clicking on the "Grab This" link at the bottom of the Wowzio widget. That will take you to the Wowzio Widget Designer. After you make your changes, you will need to re-install the new html snippet/code.

Get more information and order invite at http://www.wowzio.com/.

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