20 July 2009

Get Targeted Backlinks to your blog with Comment Kahuna

Every blogger, unless the blog is exclusively setup for private and limited purposes, is interested in gaining more quality traffic and better blog ranking in search engines. One of the widely recognized approaches to improve the position and attract more visitors is receiving quality backlinks. However, while task sounds simple and self-explanatory, the realization step is quite complicated. How can you encourage another blogger, preferably with good Google PageRank standing, to post link on you blog?

Comment Kahuna is one of the best free tools on the market, that will assist you in reaching your goal. It is a simple, but efficient utility that helps you in searching blogs related to the niche of your website. Use it to offer informative comments on the blog posts. This will give your website quality backlinks that search engines looks for while evaluating your blog position. Many of these blogs get lots of visitors, so if your comment is interesting, relevant and informative, some will follow the link to your website.

I checked multiple reviews on the web for the user comments, and most of them are super positive, so try for yourself. It is absolutely free, but the registration on site is required.

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